Monday, 12 December 2016

Congrats Joseph Parker

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Congratulations Joseph Parker on winning the world heavyweight championship/title against Andy Ruiz.  All your training has paid off. Best luck for the future.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

I can't imagine life without ...

This is what I could not live without. We did this to show what we could and couldn't live without. I really enjoyed it and would do it again.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Screenshot 2016-11-23 at 12.42.55.png

Walt: enlarge pictures

Today in class we did enlargement. This was my enlargement that I did. I found this really easy to count the square but difficult because I’m not a confident drawer. We were using a scale factor that is 2 the size of the little square. Next I want to enlarge a bow.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Reading e asttle

In reading last week I got a 4p. I thought that it was quite good from recent test. I would of liked a better score but that's how it was. I hope that next time I can get a 5. My goal was to get a 4p and higher. I just reached my goal.

Friday, 11 November 2016


Screenshot 2016-11-11 at 10.11.52.png

Walt: create and name tessellation patterns.

Today in our class we learnt about tessellation. Tessellation is a pattern that has no gaps or overlaps, which means that everything fits perfectly. You also have to name a tessellation, by doing that you must pick a vertex (point) anywhere of the pattern. Count how many shapes are linked to the same point and count the sides of the shape. Start from the smallest number. This tessellation here is

Easttle maths

The other day we did our maths test. I was quite disappointed in my score that I got. I got a 4P  but I wanted to get at least a 4A. I thought that I was prepared for the test. Although the score I got wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. I hope I will do better in the next test.

Area and Perimeter

Today I revised area and perimeter. I found it easy to find the perimeter but a bit difficult to find the area. I then realised that I just had to times the area x perimeter. I would use this activity again if I ever need to.
Screenshot 2016-11-10 at 09.43.55.png